Thursday, February 19, 2015

Emily, Whitney HS, Rocklin

Few weeks ago I had a great photo session with Emily, a High School Senior from Rocklin.  She's an amazing cheerleader, a great student with a fun and kind personality.  We had fun shooting in the early California 'spring' weather in January.  Emily's dad came with us and worked hard as a 'sun shade' and sometimes as 'wind' :)  I love all the images! Had hard time to pick the best!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boo's Cattitude

When I first met BooBug, she was pretending to be a boy.  At least that's what everybody thought she was.  A spunky little Persian kitten, only 2.5 months old and already full of cattitude.  Tiny little thing she was; sometimes still swaying on her long kitty legs, she was already prancing, bouncing, pouncing, sprinting and climbing her little heart out. I loved it! A born animal lover, I just had to give this kitty princess a well deserved photo session.  Now she's almost the size of a full grown cat.  I've been told she lost most of the white on her chest, but she most definitely didn't lose her beautiful playful spirit.
Thank you Olivia for letting me photograph her!    :)





Sunday, December 1, 2013

Study in Black and White

There is something special about black and white photography, something unique, timeless... artistic.  One cannot walk past it and not stop by and marvel for at least a minute.  Is it the shadow play? Is it the lack of colors that forces our imagination to work overtime?  After all, all we see is in color, and seeing things in black and white seems to be from another planet, another dimension, another world or era at the least... whatever it is, I am still trying to figure it out.  However, I was beyond thrilled when I was commissioned to do a black and white portrait session for a client, and I was so kindly allowed to post these beautiful images on my blog, my client's favorites :)  Enjoy!




Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shoot with the Old Sacramento Modeling & Photography Studio

Today I'm sharing some of my work I did this past Sunday for the Old Sacramento Photography & Modeling Studio.  There were models that were very professional, few had some experience and there were few girls with no modeling experience.  We all however tried to do our best and have fun :)